Awakened Empath

About the Book

Awakened Empath is the follow up to Waking Up an Empath, Kim takes us through the tumults in her life since the first book: her marriage, her divorce, and her health. Throughout this process, Kim discusses her ongoing spiritual awakening and how past life regression shed light on her short-lived marriage and introduced her to Ken, the man with whom she discovered new love, and a valuable partner in her spiritual growth. Together they explore the relationships between Angels, Archangels, Sirians and Earth Guides and the role they play in spiritual practice. Readers learn about realms, realities and dimensions, crystal charging in the moonlight (readers will be shocked by the truth), intuition, universal consciousness, 2 Portals of Gaia, and the difference between human time and spirit time. Kim provides a detailed breakdown of the essential characteristics of many of the Archangels, shares the thirteen aspects of human spiritual character, and enters a thoughtful discussion on her own “Infinity Healing” philosophy.