Animal Communication Workshop – Online

*** Pre-Requisite – MUST TAKE CHANNELING LEVELS 1, 2 & 3 BEFORE TAKING THIS ANIMAL COMMUNICATION TRAINING CERTIFICATION WORKSHOP (see links below) Using the super-advanced Channeling techniques taught by “Ken Lewicki – Channeling” in Levels 1, 2 & 3 this 2-day, 14hr curriculum will make you among the most talented Animal Communicator in the world!

Whether it’s cats, dogs, horses, birds, or any other animals, you will learn how to retrieve very useful, practical information from them. In this comprehensive workshop, every aspect of Animal Communication will be covered including:

• Learn to ‘Direct Channel’ Your Pets
• The Intricacies of Animals Soul Families
• Channel Your Pets’ Animal Spirit Guides – Get Their Higher Perspective
• Figure Out the Needs, Wants, and Desires of Your Pet
• Use ‘Medical Mediumship’ Techniques to Determine the ‘Root Cause’
• Go Deeper by Engaging YOUR Spirit Guides!

• Deciding a Pet’s Name
• Your Pet’s Role in The Family
• The Pet’s Relationship with Each Family Member
• Relationship Dynamics Within Pets and Family Members/Visitors
• How Animals Communicate with Each Other
• Choosing a Pet for Yourself or Another Person

• Caring for Sick Animals
• Being a ‘Death Doula’ for Pets
• Grieving Deceased Pets
• Past Lifetimes with Pets
• Discover If Your Pet Has Incarnated as Another Animal
• Practice ‘Readings’ on Other People’s Pets (Alive & Deceased)
• ‘Remote Viewing’ an Animal
• Ethics for Animal Communicators

• Pet Training
• Caring for Another Person’s Pet – Pet Sitting
• Emotional Support Animals/Therapeutic Pet Care
• Learn About ‘Familiars’
• Wild Animals vs Domesticated
• How to Do Animal Communication as a Business, For a Living
• Pro-Tips for Expert Animal Communicators

NOTE: This is NOT a webinar where you sit and listen the whole time. This online Zoom workshop is live, all experiential, hands-on, and interactive. You will be guided through numerous exercises and activities where YOU actually communicate with animals for yourself so YOU can experience and MASTER these techniques!

Learning to channel animals is much more than tuning into them and guessing what they want. It’s knowing which one of your spirit guides is here to assist you. How YOUR GUIDES want you to proceed for what’s important to THAT specific animal. What, if any healing processes to use? Communicating with the animal and its guides. How to use Medical Mediumship skills to know the root cause of what’s going on with the animal. Communicating with the animals’ spirit guides to get their perspective. Knowing what messages to pass along to the “client” – ONLY sharing what their guides want you to share, and so on…

This is why it’s imperative to have all three Levels of Channeling as a foundation first before enrolling in this course! (see links below for the upcoming “Channeling Level 1”)

Sat & Sun, June 19-20th, 9:00am to 5:00pm MT
(Please login at 8:45 am MT) (One-hour lunch)
(Starts: 8am PT, 9am MT, 10am CT, 11am ET)

A $100 deposit OR full payment is required in advance to secure your spot.

** Full payment is due by NOON Friday, May 21st **

Cost: ($400 + 5% tax) = $420 CAD
E-transfer $420 to KenLewicki@gmail.com
Make the Message: “Animal Communication Certification Training”
If you would like to pay by Credit Card, message “Ken Lewicki – Channeling” and ask him to send you a PayPal invoice.
(if you would like to setup a payment plan, message Ken ASAP to make arrangements)

Upon completion of this workshop, you will receive a digital AND a physically signed “Certified Animal Communicator” certificate mailed out to you!