Channeling Level 2 – Online

*** Pre-Requisite – BEFORE TAKING THIS LEVEL 2 WORKSHOP, YOU MUST TAKE CHANNELING LEVEL 1 (see link below) *** The topics covered in the Level 1 Channeling Course by “Ken Lewicki – Channeling” were advanced. In Level 2, the topics and exercises will be WAY more advanced Workshop participants will practice channeling for themselves and for others in the class. The practical application of this learning will allow students to transform their own lives as well as the lives of family, friends, and clients. Much of this has never been taught before! Here are some highlights of what will be covered…

• Review Channeling Level 1
• Dousing, Pendulums, Muscle Testing, Angel/Oracle/Tarot Cards, And Numerology
• Channel a Totem Animal (Animal Spirit Guide)
• Have Your Spirit Guide Give You A Tour of ALL the Different Realms
• Compile A Comprehensive List of ALL Your Spirit Guides
• Fast Channeling Tips to Increase Speed and Accuracy
• How to Receive Specific, Practical Guidance in ALL Areas of Your Life

• Future Based Messages and Karma
• Psychic Readings – Channeling Other People’s Spirit Guides
• Ethics: Do’s & Don’ts Around Channeling
• Psychic Protection / Channeling Safely
• Know with Certainty Who to Listen To

• Mediumship! – Channeling Loved-Ones for Yourself and Others
• Death Doulas vs. Birth Doulas
• Why Some Souls May Be Unavailable
• Exit Points
• Channel ALL Souls Including: Ascended Masters, Loved-Ones, Soul Family, and Spirit Guides
• Channel Multiple Souls at Once – “Multi-Channeling”

• Crossing ‘Lost Souls’ Over
• Sleep Paralysis and Trance Channeling
• Creating Firm Spiritual Boundaries – Taking Charge!
• Banishment Spell
• Radically Advanced Techniques Including: Channeling On-The-Spot, In-The-Moment, Live, In Any Environment!

As an evolving, spiritual individual on a journey of personal discovery or a practitioner providing spiritual learning, healing, or guidance, channeling is the dynamic tool that can change your trajectory. With real-time access to specific guidance and insight, your actions, ideas, and directions will come into clear focus in every circumstance. This workshop will assist you to confidently move forward on your personal and/or professional spiritual journey.

Sat & Sun, May 1-2, 9:00am to 5:00pm MT
(Please login at 8:45 am MT) (One-hour lunch)
(Starts: 8am PT, 9am MT, 10am CT, 11am ET)
A $100 deposit OR full payment is required in advance to secure your spot.

** Full payment is due by NOON Friday, April 30 **

Cost: ($400 + 5% tax) = $420 CAD
E-transfer $420 to KenLewicki@gmail.com
Make the ‘Message’: “Channeling Level 2”
If you would like to pay by Credit Card, message “Ken Lewicki – Channeling” and ask him to send you a PayPal invoice.

When full payment is received, you will be checked off as ‘Paid’ and a welcoming message will be sent to you. A ZOOM link will be provided a few days before the workshop.

This is a certified course and is a pre-requisite for the next Channeling Level 3/Expert workshop. At the end of this class, you will receive an electronic certificate (to post online as you wish). Upon completion of all three channeling workshops, you will receive a digital AND a signed physical “Expert Channeler” certificate mailed out to you.

You MUST take Channeling Level 1 before this workshop. Here are the links to the upcoming workshops:

Channeling Intro – Saturday, April 3 (New Students Only)

Channeling Level 1 – April 17-18, Sat/Sun

Channeling Level 3 – June 12-13, Sat/Sun