Channeling Level 3 – Online

Channeling Level 3/Expert – Online Workshop – $420 CAD

Pre-Requisite – MUST TAKE CHANNELING LEVELS 1 & 2 BEFORE TAKING THIS LEVEL 3 WORKSHOP (see links below) The topics covered in the Level 1 & 2 Channeling courses by Ken Lewicki – Channeling were advanced. In the Level 3 / Expert level, we take your channeling skills to the most advanced level yet where you receive a “Certified Channeler” certificate! Here’s an overview of what we will be delving into in this full-blown experiential workshop:

• Channel Another’s Past-Life
• Reincarnation
• Remote Viewing / Astral Travelling / OBE / Dream Walking / Dream Interpretation / NDE
• Channel Another Lineage
• Reincarnation vs. Lineage / Ancestry
• Online / Genogram
• Learn Medical Mediumship techniques!

• How Time Works / Manipulating Time
• Healing and Free Will
• Find the root cause of ailments through ‘scanning’
• Healing Past-Self
• Healing Future Self
• Pro Tips for Medical Mediumship!
• Psychic Protection – Banishment Spell

• Channel Moons, Planets, & Stars!
• Channel Elementals! (Sprites, Fairies, Crystal Devas, Dragons…)
• Psychometry & ‘Read’ Crystals
• Electronics & Grounding
• Channel Universal / Celestial Beings
• Learn About Collectives, Clusters of Beings, Hybrids, Unicorns…
• Meet The Lord Of The Akashic Records
• Channel Angels & Archangels!

• Channel an Angel Through Your Spirit Guides
• How to “Multi-Channel” ALL Types of Souls & Beings in The Universe!
• Who to Channel and When?
• Discover Why You REALLY Incarnated!
• Multi-Channel ALL Spirit Guides for Guidance in ALL Areas of Your Life
• Embody Talents from Past-Lives AND Ancestry into This Life
• How Channeling Can Be Used to Make Money
• Accelerating Your Ascension!

Sat/Sun, June 12 – 13, 9-5 pm MT (Please login at 8:45 am MT) (One hour lunch)
(Start: 8am PT, 9am MT, 10am CT, 11am ET)

A $100 deposit OR full payment is required in advance to secure your spot.
** Full payment is due by NOON Friday, June 11th. **

Cost: ($400 + 5% tax) = $420 CAD
E-transfer $420 to KenLewicki@gmail.com
Make the Message: “Channeling Level 3”

If you would like to pay by Credit Card, message Ken Lewicki – Channeling and ask him to send you a PayPal invoice.
Upon completion of this channeling workshop, you will receive a signed certified “Expert Channeler” certificate in electronic form AND a physical one mailed out to you!

You MUST take Channeling Levels 1&2 before this workshop. Here are the links to the upcoming Channeling workshops:

Channeling Intro – Saturday, April 3 (New Students Only)

Channeling Level 1 – April 17-18, Sat/Sun

Channeling Level 2 – May 1-2, Sat/Sun