If you suspect that you might be an empath but are not 100% sure, then take this quiz and know for sure.

If you choose agree to 15 or more of these questions, you are an empath.


Welcome to your Empath Quiz

You can influence the moods of those around you.

Plants and animals have consciousness.

Children often stare at you.

Strangers tell you very personal things about themselves.

You feel rejuvenated after being outdoors or gardening.

You cry easily sometimes for no reason.

You get overwhelmed in crowded places.

You have always been told you were sensitive.

You know things but cannot explain how you know.

Mood swings are not uncommon for you.

You suspect you are a human lie detector.

You can physically feel another person’s pain or suffering.

Negative people leave you feeling drained.

You avoid malls or large shopping centers.

You cannot watch the news without becoming depressed the remainder of the day.

Violence towards others is unfathomable to you.

Friends and strangers share their deepest secrets with you but you didn’t ask.

You know someone’s mood even when they try to hide it.

You have a hyper sensitive sense of smell and strong scents can over power you.

Your emotions change quickly around other people.

You avoid conflict at all costs.

You do not like strangers standing close to you, so line ups are very uncomfortable.

Being a day dreamer is just who you are.

Rough clothing, tags abrasive material are unbearable against your skin.

You can feel people even when they are not touching you.


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