Employed By Angels Spiritual Mentorship Program

Welcome and Thank you for expressing interest in my Employed by Angels Spiritual Mentorship Program! I am excited as well and want to ensure I provide you with as much information as possible. I ask that you fill out the attached questionnaire to assist me in the selection process and to assist you in determining if a mentorship is right for you.

If you are selected to be in the program, you will be asked to commit to a 1-hour assessment at the start of the program and 9 additional meetings thereafter. During the assessment I will discuss with you your goals, expectations and what you hope to achieve, and I will determine what stage of your spiritual development you are at. The more you can answer on the following questionnaire the better to help me with this process. From this assessment and your questionnaire, I will be developing a personalized program to suit you and your individual requirements.

Your program start date will be discussed prior to your making any commitments. All meetings will be mutually pre-determine at the beginning of your program and will be 1 hour per session unless otherwise discussed. I cannot guarantee rebooking if you cancel on short notice. Any missed meetings may be rebooked at any available date by the mentor, up to a maximum of 3. If more than 3 meetings are missed they will not be rescheduled or refunded. If the mentor must cancel due to illness you will be contacted immediately and your meeting will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

The total program cost is $1500 + $75 GST (or 3 payments of $525) which covers the initial 1-hour initial assessment plus 9 more 1-hour weekly meetings which can be provided in person, via skype or other online meeting tool or by phone. You will also receive a certificate upon completion and I will act as references should you require it in the future.

Some things to consider before you sign up is what direction you are going with your spirituality?

For example:

  • Do you wish to start your own business?
  • Do you want to teach?
  • Is this for personal development and growth?
  • Do you wish to be a healer?
  • Do you want to be a reader?


Other considerations, are that you will be expected to do work between sessions as assigned by your mentor. This may mean you will be given homework in the form of reading, exercises, practice, meditation etc. This will depend solely on the program designed for you. Please allow for an additional hour each week of work on your own time, if you wish to achieve desired results from this program.

I am here to help you succeed! Thank you again for considering Kim Wuirch as your mentor.

Love and Light.


Please answer all questions honestly and thoroughly (don’t need to write a novel, just be thorough). This questionnaire is to help you assess where you are in this moment in your life and determine if this is really what you want to do. So please try and answer every question. It helps us assess what you’d like to get out of the program. I will only be able to accept a limited number of mentees at this time, so I ask that you only apply if you can make the commitment both financially and timewise.

PS: Have fun filling it out, this is exciting times!