*Service* Property Clearing & Protection for 1 home or business




Property Clearing and Protection for 1 home or business
(does not include detached buildings or people)
I will remotely and psychically:
– Do a thorough energy clearing of home and immediate vicinity (land below)
– Do an Akashic clearing on home
– Place a 360 degree protective barrier around home
– Removal/relocation of any souls or beings
Work will be completed within 3 business days (Mon-Fri).
I do not guarantee any specific results. Results will vary for everyone. There are no refunds once work is complete.
How I do it is proprietary to me, so please don’t ask me to explain how I do it. 
What I need from you. Please send an email to EmployedByAngels@gmail.com with the following info:
What type of property you have (is it a house, apartment, townhouse, condo…is it attached or detached. This helps me to establish an appropriate perimeter. I do not need anymore detail than that. I will not provide a report. When work is complete I will let you know. If there was anything worthy noting I will tell you, otherwise I will simply say it’s complete. 
Client feedback from previous sessions claimed; home was more peaceful and quiet, machinery stopped breaking down, children slept better, animals returned to properly and were calmer and at ease, things felt lighter, calmness.