“Workshop” Anything Can Happen online March 31




Announcing a NEW workshop!! “Anything Can Happen”
This is an online class using Zoom
Friday March 31st from 7-8:30pm MST
In these times unrest and uncertainty, we need to just have fun once in-awhile. For my community fun is doing spiritual stuff!!
I have such a vast array of spiritual knowledge and so many things I could teach, that I decided to do this workshop and dig out all the fun things I ever learned and taught over the years that don’t always fit into standard workshops!
Every workshop will be completely different and anything can happen! I will surprise everyone with new fun things every class so no class will ever be the same. I’ll pull out a new topic every class and how I teach it will depend on who is attending and if its in person or online.
Topics might include anything from:
Seeing auras
Crystal divas
Travelling dimensions
Developing clairs
Crystal elixirs
Multi card readings
Empath tips
Working with symbols
And so much more…