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Hard Cover Awakened Empath

In Kim Wuirch’s Awakened Empath, the follow-up to Waking Up an Empath, Kim takes us through the tumults in her life since the first book her marriage, her divorce, and her health.

Throughout this process, Kim discusses her ongoing spiritual awakening and how past life regression shed light on her short-lived marriage and introduced her to Ken, the man with whom she discovered new love and a valuable partner in her spiritual growth. Together they explore the relationships between angels, archangels, Sirian’s, and earth guides and the role they play in spiritual practice.

Kim dives deep into the concept of removing unwanted influences from ones spiritual practice and even shares a banishment spell that has worked for her. Kim reveals that not all energy influences are necessarily in alignment with the goals and happiness of the spiritualist. And though this may shake someones footing, Kim guides the reader through that challenge with expert insights into the purpose of lingering souls (who should not be feared), new ways to think about the role of archangels, and the comfort that spiritual beings cannot deceive about the concentration of their light.

Readers will learn about realms, realities, dimensions, crystal charging in the moonlight (readers will be shocked by the truth), intuition, universal consciousness, two portals of Gaia, and the difference between human time and spirit time. Kim also provides a detailed breakdown of the essential characteristics of many of the archangels, shares the thirteen aspects of human spiritual character, and enters a thoughtful discussion on her own infinity healing philosophy.

Kim’s book ends with a formula for an oil to protect against lower frequency energy, but her journey doesn’t end, far from it. Readers will enjoy this conversation with Kim and come away learning many new things and refine their perspective on accepted conventions.


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