*Service* Animal Healing for Pets




Animal Healing to be done remotely.

This healing is ideal for any animals that have been adopted, have nervous tendencies, is elderly, has phobias of storms, fireworks, people, or cars, if they have ever been in any abusive situation, or just for general healing for optimal health.

The healing will be the same for all animals which can include any animal such as: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, bunnies, rodents, horses, farm animals, fish etc.

Healing will include; general clearing of lower energy, deletion of lower emotions, clearing chakras, clearing trauma from etheric self, akashic record rewrites, energy work for calming the nervous system and thoughts.

We will advise you by email when the session is complete.

Work will be completed within 3 business days (Mon-Fri).

What I need: I need your email address, the type of animal, and their name is nice if they have one.

If you choose the pay locally option, payment is required before we will do the session. Send etransfer to kimwuirch@hotmail.com