Usui Reiki Teachers Kit




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March 2, 2023

i am speaking as mankind to mankind – i will put you on notice – i am woman and i speak to you of man and woman kind only – all i require is that you awknowlege that you have been given notice of this – you agree to take full responsibility for your use of this knowledge I share with you and if you do not agree you should not use this material

Hello dear buyer

Thank you for purchasing my Usui Reiki teachers kit. I spent many years developing these manuals, graphics and learning what was most valuable in learning and teaching Usui Reiki. I now present to you a completed kit that you can use to start teaching with immediately.

What is included in your kit of 26 documents
 This introduction letter
 Four complete manuals for Level 1, 2, 3 and 4
 Multiple ready to print certificates for various levels of reiki
 Three different reiki principles graphics to share with students
 A generic waiver to use for reiki one on one sessions that is editable
 Two copies of a generic case study forms in Word and PDF format
 One printable reiki self treatment handout for students
 Seven various symbols in JPG format

How to use this kit
This kit is intended for the reiki master that has at least one year of experience practicing reiki on others. While all the documentation is provided for the new teacher, what is not included is the practice exercises, nor how to teach this material. If you have the experience and the confidence, then you are ready to start teaching today! All the materials you need are available in this kit. You only need the means to print and share. All materials for this course are intended to be used for teaching in person classes.
It is recommended that you have reiki tables for your students, but you can use yoga mats as an alternative for practice.

Permission for how to use this kit
Documents in word format are permitted to be edited. Documents in PDF format are not permitted to be edited. If you edit those documents, you are in violation of copyright. All rights are reserved by Kim Wuirch. If you feel there are errors, please contact Kim to make any changes which will be at Kim’s discretion to change.

Thank you for your purchase!

Please use all material with good intention and love.

With love and light
i woman Kim Wuirch
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