The whole Vass family attended Infinity Healing for more healing. The results are always fantastic! There is so much to us as human beings. Scott had a condition that was affecting his quality of life and our medical system was unable to diagnose it. Specialists were stumped. He was headed towards a bladder pace maker being installed to deal with symptoms and already on medication. The Infinity Healing Sessions are the only thing he did different. Scott is no longer on medication and he does not need the pace maker. His bladder is back to functioning as it should.

- Kelly Ann Vass
“I, like a lot of people, am a skeptic. I have been for most of my life, probably partly due to my sarcastic nature (which i got from my father), and all of the debunked things I’ve seen in my life. I’m a science based guy, plain and simple. Not until I met my wife, have I been open to such things as this, as I learned from her through her experience and knowledge. I’ve been struggling with Epilepsy since the age of 35, and at the age of 37 (i’m 40 now). I had 2 heart attacks, a day apart from one another. My arteries all ranged between 70% – 100% blocked. I now have 2 drug eluding stents to keep the most blocked ones open. I have changed my diet (with a lot of help from Robin Sowers), quit smoking, and now have daily exercise which I think laid the groundwork. Even after all of that my cholesterol still needed work and my arteries remained as they were. They weren’t getting worse, maybe even a little better, but not by much.

Robin suggested I go to an Infinity Healing session with her. To be honest I had my doubts. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism displayed by Ken and Kim. I DID feel some things happen but not too much. It was enough though to make me feel at ease and I met a few nice people.

Then after talking with them a few times, I was ready to have a 1 on 1 session with them. I was hoping that they might be able to help with the epilepsy. They had me over to their home, and brought me into a cozy basement for the treatment. Once Kim started I could feel the heat emanating from her hands as she worked. It felt like waves going through me. She did most of her work on my head and my chest area. The two areas that really needed it the most obviously. My chest area took a while for her to get through, but once she was done and the treatment was over I went home, feeling quite good, but tired. And contemplative, because I could not explain the things I felt during the session. I chalked it up to money well spent because of how I was feeling afterward and left it at that.

Fast forward a bit. I went to another Infinity Healing session. She introduced us to one of the Archangels and I felt so much emotion in that session I was worried I was going to begin balling in public. I managed to keep it together luckily. I’m sorry if this is long but I needed to tell you all my experience until now because this is where it gets crazy… I had a stress test done on my heart just before that last Infinity healing session and was expecting my results the following week.

When I went to the Doctor I was nervous.

My doctor was FLOORED by my results and had no idea how I had done it, but my Arteries are now down to 75% CLEAR and I am showing NO SIGN of Cardiovascular Disease!!! Kim and Ken are one of the best things to have happened to me and I Truly believe they have a gift. Again sorry for the length but I am certain this needed to be said. Thank you both for everything. I Love you both.”

- Brock Sowers
I don’t know what I don’t know. But Kim does. She reads her students likes books. When you sign up for a course with Kim, the experience begins before the class starts. Energy shifts and awareness opens up. When I actually got to the first Reiki class, I felt ready to accept the possibility of being… something more. Kim is able to guide each participant to what they need to know and experience to begin their own spiritual evolution. I feel challenged, guided, and cared about through every course, workshop, and session that I have taken with Kim. The healing journey is one of self discovery and more will be revealed.
- Susan Anderson-Coyle
I have taken Kim’s violet Flame Master Reiki class and her infinity healing and her business webinar and I am now taking her Reiki 1-4 Master Re Class as I am always so acutely aware of how much clearer, calmer and more connected to source I feel after working with Kim. There is so much noise and static and worry and fear in the world that’s it’s imperative to be Working with a real team of professionals makes all the difference in the world for your credibility and your confidence. I can honestly say without your presence I wouldn’t have had to confidence to continue even though I began my journey with online you and Ken being the strong presence and force you are keep me ever mindful that once we begin the journey of spirit work there is no going back. So here is to moving forward together. I’m so grateful for your presence. ❤️
- Jen Jones
If you are considering Reiki training I would 100% recommend you take it with Kimberly. Not only is she a fabulous teacher, she is also a wealth of knowledge and willing to share it with all of her students. She has an amazing ability to teach to the level of the group and demonstrate abstract concepts in ways that are tangible and understandable. She also is incredibly powerful and, as I have taken Reiki with other teachers, I can knowingly say that her attunements will give you abilities you never even knew were possible. I recently took a refresher course with her, and again, I left the class surprised at how much more I learned. I wasn’t sure how much more I could gain out of a refresher course as I’ve been certified through to Violet Flame with Kim, and yet again, I came out of that class more confident in my abilities than ever before, and with learning even more about the practice of Reiki. She is hands down the most talented healer I have ever met, and she goes above and beyond for her students and clients. If you’re even just curious about Reiki, I would strongly recommend at minimum taking level 1 and 2 with Kim, it quite literally could change your life. I can’t say enough about what a great teacher Kim is, please, do yourself a favour and sign up for a course with her, I PROMISE you will not be disappointed. One of the characteristics I love most about Kim is that she wants every one of her students to succeed, and will stop at nothing to help you get to where you want to be. Thank you Kim for being a phenomenal teacher, and for sharing your healing teachings with us, I am forever grateful.
- Heather Amanda
Taking Reiki classes with Kimberly Wuirch is like eating an orange without having to deal with the peel. She peels it for you. So what I mean by this is.. you get all the value and experience and abilities (I.e. nutrients, flavor, texture) without having to sift through the fluff of traditional reiki classes (I.e. the peel) I know it’s a weird analogy, but Kim gets right to the point, shows what to do and how to do it and makes sure everyone gets the most out of the experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. She also let’s you practice on her… and I wont spoil it for you… you probably wont experience what you feel from anyone else.
- Cathy Whittingstall
Kim is a kind, caring, passionate and effective healer for those who need holistic wellness in their life. One session with her changed my life for the better. She is gifted with many abilities that help heal us deeply. She is professional and reasonable in her fees. She delivers several times more than what she charges. I am a big fan of Kim.
- Shailesh Saxena
Reading Kim’s first book “Waking Up An Empath” was life changing for me. I had only recently discovered that being empath was a thing and in searching the internet for info on empaths I came across Kim’s book and Facebook group. I always knew I had empathetic qualities but I thought (or rather I was told) that I was just too sensitive and I needed to grow a thicker skin. I grew up thinking I was broken because of this. I now tell people “I’m not broken, I’m an empath”. I gained so much insight and understanding from that one book that it changed the way I perceived myself. I no longer felt like there was something wrong with me. I felt empowered instead. I now understand that this is the way I was born and I’m (finally!) okay with that. Thank you, Kim, for helping me to understand this gift. In my deepest gratitude, always.
- Lisa Ott Saxton
Having read all three of Kim’s books the “ah ha” moments keep coming. Thank you for putting your journey in print! Anyone who has questions or are thinking I am weird should definitely read all of these books. Truly helping to make my journey one of excitement and pleasure! (weird is good!!)
- Susan Klassen
I loved this book! Kim’s experiences while awakening showed me that I was not alone in my experiences. It also helped explain what I was feeling and the changes I was going through. I loved that she was able to meet the most amazing people to flourish her own abilities and she identified most of the people she met along her journey. She is a great role model for me as she instinctively trusted herself and was able to truly be herself and express outwardly. I’ve always had trouble with that (and I’m learning to outwardly express myself more and open myself up to accept help and guidance) to kind of follow her footsteps in a way. I was also amazed at the level of healing she did and that she changed physically as well as spiritually. And I think I’m doing the same thing. I’m certain I found Kim and read her books because her path resonates with mine – obviously we are different people with different paths but I had a really hard time finding someone I trusted and could learn from that spoke with what I knew and someone who spoke my language (not physically, but energetically). I’ve been searching for a teacher for some time and I would find people but I didnt always agree with what they were saying. Kim was the only one who could open me up enough to trust her to heal me the way I needed to be healed and her books gave me proof that she was the one meant for me.
- Kathy Whittingstall
Kim’s books are fantastic, relatable and full of helpful information. I loved both of them and read them in a couple days! I couldn’t put them down. I felt like she was writing my story and was so happy to have that connection and not feel alone. I have also had many healing sessions with her as well and highly recommend!! She is loving, kind, honest and down to earth. She creates a safe space and is willing to help with whatever you may need even if it is something she’s not familiar with, she is willing to try. I appreciate her and you will too!
- Chantelle Shannon
I had a healing session with Kim yesterday out at Gypsy Chicks and it was amazing in so many ways I can’t even begin to describe. This is the first time since my car accident in October last year that I feel even close to like my old self. I was so scattered and couldn’t focus and I am taking so long to recover due to other medical conditions. Even today I remain “present” which is such an amazing feeling and so important for someone who does Reiki lol. She noticed a few other things that totally blew my mind as this was the first face to face session I have had with Kim. I love the infinity healings as well as have taking a couple of her online courses like Violet Flame Reiki. I also love Kim’s books and recommend them to some of clients and friends. Book a session, Attend an Infinity Healing, take a course, buy a book…so worth it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sending you love and light~
- Toni Logsdon Snyder