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Remote Healing Private Session (Using Zoom)

All sessions are held online remotely using zoom teleconference technology. Once you are booked you will receive an automated message with zoom link. If you do not receive it within 20min, check your junk mail.

Kim Wuirch will attempt to heal your emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and physical beings using advanced spiritual healing techniques. Kim has developed her own specialized form of psychic healing taught by Archangels. She may access your Akashic records, use timeline healing methods or energy work as needed based on the individuals needs and requirements. Each session is personalized for the individual. Kim will ask some preliminary questions and then jump right to healing.

Remote Healing Sessions (by email only)

 I offer 3 stages of remote healing sessions to better serve my clients. These remote sessions require no appointments and are ideal for the busy person who does not have time to meet with me directly, or for young children who would not be comfortable or able to do an online healing session.

Every attempt will be made to complete your remote session within 10 business days. No additional information will be provided after the initial email template is sent, other than to confirm when your session is complete.

Once you have returned your waiver and approved for me to proceed, there will be no refunds.

It is highly recommended you follow the stages provided for maximum benefit.

To see what’s included in Stage 1 Click Here

To see what’s included in Stage 2 Click Here.

To see what’s included in Stage 3 Click Here

Akashic Records Reading (45 min)

**Note: all sessions are held over video conference due to Covid until further notice**

Akashic Records Readings offered by Kim Wuirch, are currently only available via video conference (zoom) or phone.

Client can come prepared with question (max 10 questions). Questions are not mandatory but client needs to have some idea of what they are looking for. Options include but are not limited to: past life information, patterns, current life path, soul purpose, contracts and what needs healing.

Note: no questions about other people will be answered. Session is for the client who is booking ONLY.

Available for ages 18 +

Cost $120.00 (includes tax)