Spiritual Reality


About the Book

Spiritual Reality – A collection of blogs for the Spiritually Awakened

Living life as an empath or a spiritually awakened person can present many difficulties. Kim Wuirch’s words of wisdom in Spiritual Reality can help the newly awakened empath as much as the seasoned one.

This collection of blog posts can help you determine wether you are an empath and gives you tools to manage all that come with it. Caring for yourself as an empath is essential. Wuirch suggests methods for dealing with the work, addictions and holidays among many other facets of the real world as one ventures into the spiritual.

Spiritual Reality contains methods for grounding and cleansing, in addition to advice on connecting with spirit guides and getting attunements. All of which are essential self-care practices for empaths.

If you can find yourself having psychic experiences, Spiritual Reality can help you manage those revelations in ways that are respectful to others. An empath herself, Wuirch’s voice of experience rings through these blog posts.