Waking Up An Empath

About the Book


Waking Up An Empath is a memoir of Kim’s life, from her awakening to spiritual healer, psychic, and medium. This book is what it’s like to be an empath and focuses on the tools that empaths can use to channel their spiritual abilities in the right direction: such as Reiki, angels, crystals, Akashic Records and so on.


Kim wrote Waking Up An Empath to help other empaths realize that their thoughts, feelings, and mood changes were all a normal part of being an empath and how difficult it is for those on the outside to fully understand. Realizing that there were not enough books about empaths out there, she took it upon herself to write the book she most wanted to read, and she penned her story.


Her story is relatable to many people who are too afraid to let the world know of their spiritual abilities or who are only just discovering them for the first time.